Faith Community Nurses

Jesus called his followers to preach, teach and heal.


Our primary role in the church is to carry out Christ’s ministry of healing, using the nursing process to address the spiritual, physical and social health needs of Mitchell Berean Church.


1.  Health Education: promoting awareness of preventative health measures and better disease management
2. Resource and Referral Advisor: helping to find community resources and healthcare referral needs
3. Health Advocate: assisting patients and families in understanding and effectively utilizing healthcare services and other medical specialties in our area
4. Health Assessment: sponsoring opportunities at Mitchell Berean to obtain health assessments (i.e. blood pressure checks, mini health fairs)
5. Volunteer Guidance: providing resources and education for health-related needs of individuals within the congregation


Faith Community Nursing is a nursing certification recognized as a Registered Nurse specialty by the American Nurses Association.
The ministry’s specific assignments within the specific congregation are decided in consultation with the church’s staff and elders.

Who We Are

Patricia McCabe, R.N.

Born and raised in Henry, NE, Pat graduated from Torrington, WY. She attended West Nebraska General Hospital School of Nursing.
She worked at HealthReach Urgent Care in Cheyenne, WY.
Pat’s nursing career:
Shift Supervisor
Surgeon’s Nurse
Nurse Clinic Supervisor
Pat and her husband, Michael, live in Torrington, WY.

Betty Walsh, R.N., EMT-I

Born and raised in Henry, NE, Betty graduated from Morrill High School before attending West Nebraska General Hospital School of Nursing.
Betty worked at Regional West Medical Center for 36 years, mainly in Pediatrics.
Betty has served with the Mitchell Volunteer Fire Department as an EMT-I since 2001.


Contact the Faith Community Nurses by calling the church and leaving a message with the secretary.
FCN is not a “hands-on” form of nursing. It is not meant to take the place of the congregant’s regular physician, pharmacist, Public Health Services or home health nursing.