Meal Ministry


To provide meals for individuals or families after the addition of a child, during illness, or any other time when a simple meal would be a blessing.

What Is It?

It is SO simple! Your name is added to an email list and when there is a new meal ministry set up, you receive an email with a link to an awesome little website called “Take Them a Meal.” This is where all the details you need to provide the meal are including dates that the meals are requested, contact info, and any special food allergies or preferences. If one of those dates works for you, simply enter your information. If it doesn’t work or is already full, no big deal … there will be another opportunity soon!

The Food

The thought is to provide a warm homemade meal, so if you have even 1 dish that you make that is delicious, this is for you … you don’t have to be a gourmet cook!
We have recently added a freezer meal option for times when it’s just easier to have something ready to cook when it’s needed. This seems to have worked well for a few families.