Limitless Special Needs Ministry

My name is Keisha Martinez, and I came on staff in 2018 to serve in conjunction with our Children’s Ministry in overseeing our Special Needs Ministry programs to serve families with children affected by special needs.
If you would like to become a part of this amazing team, please get in touch with Keisha.
Although our disabilities sometimes leave us limited; through Christ we are LIMITLESS!!!
• Goal: To teach children with special needs about the love of Jesus Christ. To teach them that there is a God out there that loves them unconditionally and longs to have a relationship with each and every one of us despite our differences.
• “Buddy” system: We have the opportunity to match your child with a well-trained one-on-one “Buddy” that will shadow your child throughout their time here at church providing assistance when needed as well as promoting independence. Buddies are only currently available for children aged birth up to 5th Grade with diagnosed special needs.
• Sensory Room: Our sensory room is designed to provide your child with a safe, comfortable, quiet, soothing, and calming place to recover from overstimulation as well as a space for those sensory seekers to explore their senses through safe sensory play. Our sensory room will be equipped with a trained volunteer to help accommodate all needs.
• Special Needs Classroom: We have a classroom just for children with special needs who are unable to handle integration or those who do not meet our age requirements for children’s church (birth up through 1st Grade). Here in our Limitless Special Needs Classroom, children will have the opportunity to learn about Jesus through prayer, story time, Bible time, music, sensory play, and transition time.
• Registration: Contact Amie or Keisha or see Children’s Ministry Registration Form on Realm: