Children’s Ministries Coordinator


   The purpose of the Children’s Ministries Coordinator Position is to provide vision, leadership and oversight for all facets of Children’s Ministry (nursery through 5th grade) in alignment with the mission, core values and philosophy of ministry of Mitchell Berean Church. 


  1. The individual is a born again believer in Christ and has a consistent, growing walk with the Lord.
  2. The individual endorses the MBC and Berean Fundamental Council constitutions.
  3. The individual has the conviction, passion and giftedness to equip and lead. (Ephesians 4:12; John 13:5)
  4. The individual feels God’s call upon their life for this position.


  1. Upon hiring, the Children’s Ministries Coordinator will be on a six month probationary status.  A three month performance review will be followed by the six month performance review, by the official Board of Elder’s at M.B.C.  If the candidate and the Elder board are in full agreement of ending the probation status, the Children’s Ministries Coordinator will be off probation review status and his/her status will be reviewed yearly by the Elder Board.
  2. Will sign a “Preventive Child Abuse Policy.”
  3. Will attend the weekly Staff Meetings.
  4. Will attend the annual Berean National Convention when the budget allows and on rotation with other staff (MBC will cover the expenses)
  5. Will be at all weekend worship services (3).  If married, he/she and spouse will attend one weekly Worship Service together.
  6. Will submit a monthly ministry report to the Lead/Executive Pastor at monthly directional meetings.
  7. Will work closely with the Youth Pastor to assure that students leaving the Children’s Ministry have a smooth transition to the Youth Ministry 

Primary Responsibilities

  1. Champion a vision for children, and Children’s Ministry at MBC consistent with our philosophy, mission and core values.
  2. Communicate the vision and purpose of ministry to the Children’s Ministry Leaders, children and their parents.
  3. Develop a Team-based ministry structure throughout the Children’s Ministry.
  4. Oversee the Children’s Ministries from Nursery – 5th grade, which includes:
    1. recruiting, training, encouraging and rotating Children’s Leaders,
    2. developing leader training material that incorporates teaching methods and strategies unique to teaching children,
    3. providing quarterly meeting, prayer & accountability time with leaders,
    4. reviewing and selecting age appropriate curriculum,
    5. assimilating children into their age appropriate groups,
  1. Recruit and oversee the Children’s Church Coordinator and the Nursery Coordinator with their following responsibilities:
    1. recruiting, training, encouraging of workers,
    2. scheduling workers, distribution of schedules and reminders, and
    3. cleaning and disinfecting toys, bedding, furniture, etc. in rooms.
  1. Lead the week of Vacation Bible School during the Summer, which includes:
    1. recruiting, training and encouraging VBS workers,
    2. reviewing and selecting the curriculum, and
    3. directing during the week of VBS.
  2. Take kids to Primary/Junior Camp each summer, which includes:
    1. Recruiting cabin leaders to accommodate the number of kids going.
    2. Encouraging parents/kids to go to camp
    3. Organizing transportation to and from camp
  3. Oversee a Sunday School and/or Awana Program, which includes:
    1. Recruiting and maintaining staff: commander, secretary, leaders, teachers etc
    2. Promoting with parents and kids
  4. Regularly evaluate the various Children’s Ministries and activities as to effectiveness and make necessary adjustments.
  5. Apply and implement standards to ensure youth’s safety and to meet requirements of the law.
  6. Partner with parents to help them expand their spiritual influence in their families.
  7. Develop and manage a yearly ministry plan and budget.

Personal Profile of Children’s Ministries Coordinator

We desire to find a person for this position who will fit the overall philosophy of ministry, vision, and church culture of Mitchell Berean Church.  We believe the following characteristics best define the kind of person we are looking for:


  • Demonstrates a dynamic relationship with Christ as evidenced by a life of integrity and a lifestyle of prayer, worship, discipleship, and service.
  • Demonstrates balance in life (family, work, rest, recreation).
  • Demonstrates emotional health and stability.


  • Has a clear command of Biblical doctrine.
  • Has a clear Biblical philosophy of overall ministry and local church body life (see MBC philosophy of ministry).
  • Is a highly skilled professional with a broad understanding of children’s ministry issues and perspectives.
  • Has a proven track record of equipping lay people for children’s ministry within a large local church.
  • Able to work with a broad spectrum of people in a healthy and productive way.
  • Has the ability to teach and effectively communicate biblical truths to children.


  • Ability to work in a large multi-staff church.
  • Believes in a team approach to leadership and service.
  • Is able to build and shepherd teams within his ministry area.
  • Understands his/her role as primarily one of equipping people for ministry.
  • Agrees with and able to carry out the MBC philosophy of ministry.


  • Knows that God has gifted him/her and given him/her the passion to serve as Children’s Ministries Coordinator.
  • Has the full support of family (spouse and kids) for taking this position.
Interested? Send resumé and 3 references to